Monday, April 28, 2008

Sink or Swim

Sometimes life feels black or white, and sometimes we live in those grey areas, not able to be decisive about our status or direction..Making a commitment to our projects, goals and/or strategies for personal and professional success must be renewed and refreshed daily..There are days when there is no doubt or question whatsoever about what we need to accomplish, we just continue undeterred on our mission..Then there are those days when we are being ruled or reigned by our feelings, our emotions and this is when we can be weak and give in to unhealthy tempations of thoughts and/or actions..This can be translated by giving in to negative lines of thinking, eating the wrong foods, making the wrong decisions, and sinking in the water which I promise will only make things worse..But if you do sink, if you do stumble, if you do fall, it only matters that you get back on track..We are always going to be tested by ourselves, others and our circumstances to determine whether our committments stay true to our original goals and if we will display the strength to carry out the positive thoughts and actions necessary to bring our end goals into fruition..Some days are just more work than others, this is when we build up strength, when it is difficult to do the right thing..Even though I may feel weary today, I want to swim!

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