Thursday, April 10, 2008

Free your mind and the rest will follow....

Every day I need to de-clutter my mental screen. I want to start fresh everyday so that I can attend to the present and not be distracted by past frustrations, circumstances, worries or fears. Unforgiveness, agravation, worry and fear can mentally drain the strongest and the best minds and these emotions serve no good purpose except to sap your energy leaving you drained and lifeless. I believe that attending to my thoughts are synonomous to weeding the garden in that if it is not done on a daily basis then the weeds will eventually choke out the beauty that is intended to be planted, grow and bloom. If I am able to free my mind of the negative energy and negative thoughts that will indeed make an effort to gain center stage then I will be able to be free to enjoy my present and experience an inner peace and joy. I want to be peaceful and joyful not only for myself but for those around me as well. I work to stay focused and attentive daily to pursue happines in every moment!

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