Monday, April 21, 2008

Every Flood Starts with One Drop of Rain

Every goal we have in life (and we should all have written goals) seems perhaps unattainable when we first conceive it in our heads..It is sometimes hard to wrap our minds around what we would like for our end result to be and we need to break it down into small increments or baby steps..It does not matter what the goal or goals are, they all start with small accomplishments that will eventually equal the goal being brought to fruition..When we write down our goals we should include absolutely everything that we would like to have, to do, or to accomplish, no matter how outlandish it may seem..We should have our goals in plain view to see daily..Sometimes we can get creative and create a goal poster to include photos of what our goal looks like, it could be a job, a house, a car, a spouse, children, it does not matter, we all have different desires and goals in life and we owe it to ourselves to work to bring them into our reality..Just like a mathmatical equation, goals need to be broken down into seperate entities so that we can create small wins and start to feel successful..We also need to realize that failure is a huge part of success..No human being on the planet has experienced any measure of success without first tasting or even drowning in failure first! It is all part of the experience, trust the process..Everything that happens in life, (even though we may not see it in the present moment), happens to build within us the ability to best handle our future..Hindsight is almost always twenty-twenty..I can certainly look back in my life and can see how particular travesties prepared me for even more difficult times so that I could handle them with more grace and sanity..Life is not easy and life is not fair and we need to understand that we need to make the very best of what we have to be peaceful, happy and successful..Our journey is not meant to reach a particular destination and then quit, the journey is the journey, and we need to mentally pack light, stay positive and enjoy the trip..I want to reach my goals and sometimes to reach goals we need to really STRETCH!!! Everything worth having comes with hard work and a price..I want to make things happen and enjoy the process, the journey and the experience..Many small wins over time ALWAYS equal big wins down the road and I look forward to getting there!

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Negotiate Reality said...

The step by step process of making hard easy, is success.