Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Relationships are What Life is All About

In my life I have been blessed to have and to have not....What I have learned is that there is no set recipe for satisfaction in life, happiness cannot be bought, love cannot be purchased.....driving a Range Rover, wearing a Rolex watch, living in a ten thousand square foot home, and having a million in the bank will not bring you peace, wisdom, or bliss....The truth is.....that relationships are what life is all about....cultivating, maintaining, and growing your relationships with family, loved ones, and reaching out beyond your circle to others is truly where happiness and life are and what life is all about....I have less now than I have had in my life prior and I am happier, wiser, and have more peace....Would I like to have more....sure....does my happiness depend upon it? Absolutely NOT.....When we seek to love first, it becomes the most fulfilling to our spirit, mind, and body....The Bible says "seek ye first the kingdom of God"....."and all these things will be added unto you".....That is good enough for me....I don't want to live my life seeking everything under the sun only to feel exhausted and empty at the other end of this journey....I want to enjoy every moment, live in the present, and maintain flexibility to roll with whatever comes through the doors of my life...I want to enjoy God, my children, family, and friends and allow the love and joy of these relationships to sustain me through the mountain tops and valleys of life....Don't allow your circumstances to get you down, don't become muddled in the rut of status quo.....reach out, change your routine, smile at strangers, love your family, think positive thoughts, be thankful for what you DO have and do not focus on what you don't is wonderful! Don't let your own pass you by!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Colors of Life: God's Painting - For Scribbit's Write Away Contest

Morning’s magical transformation; the blaze of fire waxes fiercely into a perfect sphere of blinding light; sparkling crystal sands, azure-blue ocean, and the golden fiery sun. God’s canvas is painted so masterfully. He has created nature’s eye candy that changes with the open and close of each day. Mighty winds curl into gentle breezes and glide through the open sails of tiny boats in the distance, dotting the horizon and sitting atop cresting waves. The strange salty smells fill my nostrils. Dark green clumps of seaweed lie up and down the beach. A single pelican floats on what seems to be an invisible line above the ocean, suddenly, spiraling downward crashing into the water for fish or just cool pleasure. Puffy white pillowy clouds hang lazily in the sky making abstract formations against a backdrop of powder blue. The sound of the ocean is hypnotic in its auditory sense, the constant whir of the waves rolling into shore making beige frothy foam. I can hear the conversations of the black and white gulls in the distance. They chatter and laugh entertaining themselves, gossiping about their daily routines, how many fish they caught and how many got away. Long legged birds wearing tight black stockings stalk through the shallow waters with their bright orange beaks picking through the grains of sand for edible treasures. Millions of periwinkles bury themselves again and again in their life-long arduous task. The tear drop shaped shells painted so vibrantly with royal purple, scarlet red, sunny orange and yellow, like bright little rainbows in the wet sand. Colorful crabs scurry back and forth across the sandy expanse. Bright white mountains are the dunes on the beach peppered with tender green sea oats swaying gently in the breeze. Standing in forceful juxtaposition is the deep red brick lighthouse trimmed around top with a black wrought iron walk and cap-like dome; sternly built with purpose climbing into the blue and white swirled sky. From the top of the lighthouse one can see the entire island peninsula. The water sparkles in the sun like diamonds in all directions and the housetops look like small squares amidst a menagerie of bursting, frenzied color. Even when the sun dips behind the clouds and a hazy gray covers the canvas of color, the beautifully colored kites take center stage, swirling and diving, twisting and turning, cutting through the breeze like a hot knife in cool butter.The burnt orange sun finishes the day with a sunset of glorious proportion, covering the once blue ocean in a glaze of gold. It sinks slowly into a hazy pink horizon tinted delicately with hints of violet and baby blue. The water ripples gently across the river catching the reflected colors of the slowly dimming ball of fire slipping into the sky. Evening glides in slowly showing her twinkling glittery lights. Far in the southeast corner of our evening cover appears the glowing pearly moon. Over on the beach the water is peaceful with small waves caressing the sandy shore. Tiny fish break the surface of the glassy still waters in the distance as they jump out of the ocean and into the cool evening air. Their skins catch the moonlight making them shimmer and shine.

Full moon, starry night, through the sky they drip and shed their glowing light. To the corners of the earth from whence the darkness gave birth, casting shadows on earth’s floor, through depths of ocean and miles of shore. The crickets chirp, the frogs sing and a gentle breeze makes the wind chimes ring. Slowly, silently the night is still, its beauty and mysticism are at planetary will. Colors!