Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Relationships are What Life is All About

In my life I have been blessed to have and to have not....What I have learned is that there is no set recipe for satisfaction in life, happiness cannot be bought, love cannot be purchased.....driving a Range Rover, wearing a Rolex watch, living in a ten thousand square foot home, and having a million in the bank will not bring you peace, wisdom, or bliss....The truth is.....that relationships are what life is all about....cultivating, maintaining, and growing your relationships with family, loved ones, and reaching out beyond your circle to others is truly where happiness and life are and what life is all about....I have less now than I have had in my life prior and I am happier, wiser, and have more peace....Would I like to have more....sure....does my happiness depend upon it? Absolutely NOT.....When we seek to love first, it becomes the most fulfilling to our spirit, mind, and body....The Bible says "seek ye first the kingdom of God"....."and all these things will be added unto you".....That is good enough for me....I don't want to live my life seeking everything under the sun only to feel exhausted and empty at the other end of this journey....I want to enjoy every moment, live in the present, and maintain flexibility to roll with whatever comes through the doors of my life...I want to enjoy God, my children, family, and friends and allow the love and joy of these relationships to sustain me through the mountain tops and valleys of life....Don't allow your circumstances to get you down, don't become muddled in the rut of status quo.....reach out, change your routine, smile at strangers, love your family, think positive thoughts, be thankful for what you DO have and do not focus on what you don't is wonderful! Don't let your own pass you by!

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M said...

Great post. Sometimes we ALL need to be reminded of these things. I know I needed it today. Thanks!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.