Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cookies For Dinner

I know, you are thinking cookies for dinner?! YES! There are those days when you just need to embrace the unhealthy bad choices and rejoice! It could have been worse! I could have eaten pizza and then cookies, but instead I skipped the pizza (not that there was any pizza, but just go with me here) and just had more room for more cookies....as much as we try to be good and eat the right foods all the time it just isn't going to happen and my inner dialogue has been duck taped shut by my id who just wants what she wants and she wants MORE COOKIES! It has been one of those days and if you read my earlier blog you know where I have been emotionally and this type of distress is best relieved by large quantities of sugar and flour combinations such as found in cookies! My favorite monster is the Cookie Monster and I have apparently been abducted from the inside out and my belly is now plump and full of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and I feel fine about all of this! Milk anyone?!

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Sue said...

I ate cookies for breakfast!