Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Life, Liberty and the "Pursuit" of Happiness!

Happiness does not come as a natural by-product of life! We must actively PURSUE it! It takes work as everything in life does and it takes conscious living, and conscious thinking to obtain happiness. I think that many times peace and happiness seem elusive and that we live life on auto-pilot and get sucked into our circumstances instead of being "in each moment" of our day. We are all guilty at some point of not paying attention to our own lives and either get stuck in the trauma and drama of other's lives so we don't deal with our own issues or we are just exhausted and have tuned out to our own needs. We all need quiet time to ourselves to be able to think and re-fuel to live our lives effectively, with purpose and with the ability to pursue our own happiness! When we are happy in our own lives it is much easier to be there for our friends and family members in their times of need. Life is so DAILY! I want to try to make each day count and it takes work to get it right!

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