Monday, April 14, 2008

Is is live or is it memorex?

blah blah blah, I am feeling very disoriented today and not like I am all here. I am not sure that I am in fact attending a live performance of my day or if I am "memorexing" on auto-pilot. We all have these days......up since 3am, horrible headache, my eyes feel as they are being squeezed out of their sockets.....prescription please! and no I don't have a hangover. I just took 2 extra strength tylenol and mixed a diet dr. pepper with a diet coke over ice and hope and pray that this helps me in some small way. I can't think about anything except please won't this headache just go away!! I am however very thankful for friends and family, they really pull you through the tough days. I don't mean just having a headache day but through those life draining days when your emotions are running the show and all perceived logic has been tossed out the window and you need someone to be your sounding board and to tell you that your possible crisis isn't going to lead to your fatal demise. I always go to the thought of what is the worst possible thing that will happen if I choose "option A" here and since death would be the worst possible thing to happen, if death will not ensue then perhaps it is a viable option! My optic nerves can't take the computer screen any longer so I am going to be alone with my diet soda over ice :-)

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