Saturday, April 12, 2008

Do I want to be bitter or better??

I feel like everyday we have opportunities to grow, get stronger and be better people. With these opportunities we can certainly regress to go in the opposite direction. We can in essence be bitter about situations and circumstances that are perhaps unfair or not to our liking or that just plain super suck or we can choose to take the high road in our lives and use these potential stumbling blocks in our day or our life as stepping stones. I hope that I am always able to get better as opposed to becoming bitter about people or things in my life that are not going my way. Being bitter is just a way to keep us muddled down in perverbial quicksand not being able to move forward or to move at all. Bitterness eventually seeps into every fiber of your being and traps you inside yourself and poisons you from the inside out. We can obsess about hopes and dreams, think positvely and grow in life or we can choose to obsess on negativity, become bitter, stagnant, wither and die. I WANT TO LIVE BETTER!!!

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