Thursday, April 17, 2008

Motherhood and mastitis

Oh the things that happen to us as mothers! I finally went to the Dr yesterday because I have been feeling so horrible and I was registering a low-grade temp and I found out I have mastisis (flu-like symptoms, fever, just bliss I tell you!) least I'm curable! I started antibiotics and I am taking my probiotic and can't wait to return to normal! Being a mom has never brought so much joy and pain, but mostly just pure joy! My children are the lights of my life and I want nothing more than for them to be safe, healthy, and happy! I am thankful and grateful for both of my babies even though the oldest is now in kindergarten and my youngest is not yet two.......she feels so big when her brother is around she just doddles after him like his shadow, copying everything he does, so adorable! When you see newborns it ALMOST makes me think about more but whew!!!! not for this girl! Pregnancy was horrible for me, gestational diabetes both times and the last time I could not control it with diet and I had to needle in insulin every night, gained weight like an elephant balooning up to around 220 something lbs and I have worked hard over this past year with diet and exercise and lost one hundred lbs and I am very proud of myself! Except for the regular old aches and pains of a body almost forty, I am feeling pretty fantastic!! Happy to be getting better!!! Love being a mom, something I never aspired to be and I would not change it for the world, it has become the most positive experience of my life!

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