Sunday, April 20, 2008

Indulging our Senses: The Beauty of our World

Crystal sands, blue ocean, golden fiery sun..Mighty winds curling into gentle breezes and gliding through open sails of tiny boats in the distance..They sit atop cresting waves..The strange salty smells fill my nostrils..Clumped seaweed lie up and down the beach..A single pelican floats on what seems to be an invisible like above the ocean, suddenly, it spirals downward crashing into the water for fish or just cool pleasure.. Puffy white pillowy clouds hang lazily in the sky making abstract formations against a backdrop of powder blue..The sound of the ocean is hypnotic in its auditory sense, the constant whir of the waves rolling into shore. Long legged birds stalk through the shallow waters picking through the sand for edible treasures..Millions of periwinkles bury themselves again and again in their life-long arduous task. The tear drop shape shells painted so vibrantly, bright purple, orange and yellow, like bright little rainbows in the wet sand.. White mountains of sand are the dunes on the beach dotted with slender green sea oats swaying tenderly in the breeze..Standing in forceful juxtoposition is the red brick lighthouse trimmed around the top with a black wrought iron walk and cap-like dome..Sternly built with purpose climbing into the blue and white swirled sky..From the top of the lighthouse one can see the entire island peninsula..The water sparkles in the sun like diamonds in all directions and the housetops looke like small squares amidst a managerie of bursting, frenzied color......

The burnt orange sun finishes the day with a sunset of glorious proportion..It sinks slowly into a hazy pink horizon tinted delicately with hints of violet and baby blue..The water ripples gently across the golden river catching the reflected colors of the slowly dimming ball of fire slipping into the sky..Evening glides in slowly showing her twinkling glittery lights..Far in the southeast corner of our evening cover appears the glowing pearly moon..Over on the beach the water is peaceful with small waves caressing the sandy shore..Tiny fish break the surface of the glassy still waters in the distance as they jump out of the ocean and into the cool evening air..Their skins catch the moonlight making them shimmer and shine..The sweet aroma of gardenias growing in the woody park nearby tickle my nose..There is nothing more beautiful than a deep blue night, a glowing sky, sparkling waters, and a cool rustling breeze.

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