Friday, June 27, 2008

Giving is the Best Gift: A Servant's Heart

When we do for others and give of ourselves it is rewarding for both parties...Having the heart of a servant is a beautiful gift to share....When we become consumed in our own lives and forget that we share our world with so many that are in need whether it be within our own family or reaching out beyond our boundaries it is important to share what we have whether it be time, money or gifts....Cooking a meal for others, sharing your home and your hospitality with another family or with friends is an important and enriching part of our lives that we should not neglect...and when we give our time and efforts to others it plants a seed to come back to us when we are in is the beautiful cycle of life! Smile, think positive thoughts, share your talents and gifts with others, open your heart to love and be a servant to someone in need!

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