Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Don't Live in Chains When You Hold the Key to Set Yourself Free

I think that many times we imprison ourselves due to our own thoughts or perceptions about things that have happened to us or because we are punishing ourselves due to poor choices that we have made....Why should we live a life of guilt and/or suffering? Is something good going to come out of this punishing behavior? Some freedom or revelation or epiphany? I will answer this with a resounding NO.....There is no reason that any human being should live their life in bondage of any kind and many times this bondage is self-imposed....Whether we are beating ourselves down for poor choices or because we have been deceived into faulty thinking that we are not deserving due to others mistreating us, let me urge you to set yourself free!!!! We need not live under the roof of someone else's mental constructs that create condemnation and boundaries to where we can go and what we can think.....Cut the chains whether you have put them on yourself or whether you have allowed someone else to create a cage for you, life is meant to be lived with joy in our hearts and minds, having hopes and dreams to look forward to and work towards....You hold the key to your own freedom, it begins in your own mind and with the thoughts that you think positive thoughts, don't punish yourself, let go of the past and start walking into your new future....start over from this moment....surround yourself with love and support and love and support yourself :-) Wishing you hope, love, joy and freedom!

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