Sunday, June 1, 2008

When You Reach Rock Bottom, You Can Only Go UP!

Life is like a beach.....there are always waves hitting our shores....some big, some small.....and a few tsunamis....We have peaks and valleys that give us contrast and flavor in life and sometimes the flavor is not so palettable but it is always part of the bigger picture and in some way, big or small, preparing us for our future and building in us the character and experience we need to deal with the adventures, good and bad, that lie ahead as our journey unfolds before us....There are times in life that we truly hit rock bottom and we fall to our knees and we think that we cannot possibly sink any lower and then before we know it, we are prostrate on the floor, it is at this very moment when we are forced to either accept our reality and make a change or just give up and give in to depression and failure....Complain and remain or praise and be raised! I believe that when we are thankful for everything in our lives that this positions us to continue to receive.....when we complain and grumble about life and our circumstances I believe that this squelches new growth and promotion in our lives....So the positive message about hitting rock bottom is that you can only go up from here! So make the changes that need to be made, lift your head, put a smile on your face and enjoy your ride as the views will just get better on your way back to health and success! Make the choice to move forward and be thankful for the lessons we learn in life because we may not understand the purpose for those lessons at this moment in time but it is true that hindsight is twenty-twenty and when we look back we will be able to see clearly how our life's lessons fit so perfectly into the fabric of our journey and purpose in life.

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