Sunday, June 22, 2008

Don't Look Back!

In order to continue our forward progression in life creating growth and success through positive thoughts and positive actions we must ensure that we are always looking forward and not looking back! When we drive we must look forward to drive to reach our destination, we never "arrive" anywhere looking backward in reverse....Revisiting old pain, old frustrations and wishing we had done things differently in the past will not take us anywhere, we will just stagnate right where we are, growing roots fixing us in one location unable to break free and move forward in life.....So we need to cut the roots that tie us to our past, work through the pain and frustration if that is what needs to be done in order to set us free so that we can begin to grow and move in a forward and upright position so that we can experience life in the present and enjoy what we have now, not grieving over what was or what should have been or how terrible people or circumstances were to us, don't live life as a victim of your past, become a victor in your present.....Love yourself and give yourself permission to be set free from your past, stop looking back because you will surely wreck your present if you are not looking forward to see where you are going! Live in freedom, with joy and a positive purpose....look forward and embrace the good things coming into your life, let go of your past and don't look back! Smile and think positive thoughts!

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I appreciate your ideas in this post...and I couldn't agree more. I had to cut the strings to my past a few years ago. It's not easy. But, I've never been happier.


Mommy Sophia