Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reduce Your Expectations, Reduce Your Stress

We should only have expectations for ourselves, and perhaps for our children...But when we put expectations on others I believe that we are only setting ourselves up for disappointment, possible heartache, and stress! Life is so much smoother when we truly "go with the flow", otherwise, when we place expectations on others of productivity, timeframes, events, places etc...we are putting pressure on them to perform to our expectations....there is not anything wrong with having expectations on others it just in our reaction when they are not able to meet our expectations....I continue to learn over time that I can only expect of myself and that I have less stress when I do not thrust my expectations off on others....I get along with them much more harmoniously, I do not create tension for myself or with them and I can just relax and let everything come as it comes, surprises and all....this is difficult to let go and just flow but let me tell you it is so much nicer to let people just be themselves and to be able to enjoy others and our environments without the added stress of unrealistic expectations!

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