Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Mental Diet

Just as we curb our food intake and exercise our body for better performance and health reasons, we should also exercise our minds and curb our thoughts and thought patterns to eliminate negative, taxing activity that has no benefit for us and only serves to deplete our energy stores and create stress....The mental diet is the way to go! Start by writing down all the positive messages that you would love to hear from others or that you might want to say to yourself and place them in view, tape them to your mirror or magnet them to your fridge....Look at these messages everyday, several times a day and read them aloud to yourself...Your brain believes what you tell it and when you are feeding yourself positive, healthy thoughts and words, your mind and body begin to react to this in a very positive manner....Just as your physical body reacts to good nutrition and exercise, your mind will do the same with nutritious words and thoughts! You have nothing to lose (except the negativity and the stress it creates) and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

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