Thursday, July 3, 2008

Letting It All Roll Off

If I spent my time "emotionalizing" about everything that could potentially sap my time and energy I would literally have nothing left for myself or for my family....Every frustration, big or small, gives us the opportunity to either go down the tubes with it or to stand above it and let it go and not allow it to take you with it....This morning I have already had the opportunity to get lost emotionally in something that is truly out of my control and so I stop and think to myself...what can I learn about myself from this situation....or just what can I learn period...Everything that happens in life is a potential learning experience and I want to progress and not regress....I don't want to waste my time worrying about other people, timeframes, money, or whatever it may be that pops up and creates "an opportunity" for us to grow, change, and progress in our lives...I have control only over my responses and only over my expectations....I don't have control over other people, nor do I want that responsibility or that burden....I don't want to set myself up for disappointment so I adjust my expectations to only include expectations for myself and to do my best to respond to stressful situations with grace, peace, and wisdom.....I then do a blessings count to restore a modicum of peace and joy to my core and work from that because if we truly ask ourselves about any situation......what is this going to mean in a hundred years....or even it worth losing our peace over? Probably not! So I am going to move through this and stay focused on what is truly important to me, smile, and think positively.....I want to learn and grow in life and do it with grace and joy!

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Mark Salinas said...

"I want to learn and grow in life and do it with grace and joy!"

Absolutely! I like your site.