Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Never Burn Your Bridges

We spend our lives building pathways and bridges linking people and places throughout our journey...During our travels we are always working to propel ourselves forward, to progress, succeed, to learn and to grow.....but life, never predictable and always peppered with mishaps, disappointments, and failures, we sometimes re-visit our past and re-trace our steps due to these less than fortunate events that cause us to go backwards in our lives and perhaps back down the ladder which we have climbed and we sometimes need to go across some of those old "bridges" which we have built be it in friendships, contacts, or familiar places...We never know when we will be in need of something, anything that will be helpful to us, maybe not today...but someday...so, be wise in your choices and wise in your words...never speak unkindly to or about anyone because it may come back to haunt you when you least expect it....and you never know when you may need your bridges to carry you back to safety in your life so make sure you never burn them down...

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