Wednesday, August 27, 2008

See it in Your Mind's Eye; See it with Your Natural Eye

Dreams are born out of our imagination, out of our desires, sometimes out of need...When we dream in life it keeps our hopes alive, it fuels our energy stores and feeds our positive thought process...Out of our dreams, our goals in life are birthed, the things we want to materialize and manifest...It is vital to begin to make a goals list and put this on paper to see it every day, post the goal list on the fridge or on your mirror, somewhere where you are able to reflect on it daily....Once our dreams become goals and they have made it to our goal list, we begin to think and dwell on these things, we begin to see them come to fruition in our mind's eye....Once we begin to see these dreams and goals become a reality in our mind's eye, they are able to manifest, it is as if we are creating a doorway between the imagination and our reality, and we then see them with our natural eyes....Nothing will come to pass in our lives if we do not literally "make it happen"....We make things happen by creating lists, reflecting and dwelling mentally upon these lists, seeing these accomplishments and material items in our mind's eye and then they are able to come through to us in our natural lives....Always remain in a state of thankfulness and gratitude, even for the struggles in life, where we learn important lessons about life and about ourselves...And in our positive attitudes we are able to remain clear about our decisions, about our direction, and about the things we want more of in our lives...Never leave God and talking to God out of the equation of your life....He is the most important factor in maintaining peace and focus in life....Allow Him to fine tune your focus and your direction....We are not able to have this happen when we focus on the negative, complain, are unthankful or ungrateful in life; God will not supercede our will....He does want the best for us but we must take part in working to create the best for ourselves as well....Clear your mental slate, make a list of all the things that we have to be thankful for....dream a little, make a list of your dreams, reflect on these and from this list start your goals list.....Begin to think and dwell thoughtfully on your goals....Strategize simple steps to accomplish these goals....See these goals coming to fruition in your mind's eye and the doorway will be created to usher these goals into your reality!

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imbeingheldhostage said...

Great post! Where were you in November last year? :-)