Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Flexibility is the Key to Sanity

I continue to learn that less flexibility in life equals more stress and frustration...Whereas more flexibility equals more peace, happiness, and sanity....Whether in our personal or professional lives we need to increase the amount of flexibility we incorporate into our plans...I believe that almost nothing in life goes as planned and almost everything has unexpected glitches or hangups that come up out of the blue which increase our chances and our levels of stress in our lives unless we are able to be flexible and have the ability to change our strategies to overcome surprising obstacles and/or go with the flow.....not allowing the unexpected things in life to rock our boat and sink our ship....Even though smooth sailing is almost unheard of we can choose to steer our ship away from turbulent waters and dangerous weather if we are able to monitor our internal compass and change our course when necessary creating more flexibility in our lives...I continue to work towards having more flexibility in my life and to monitor my internal compass to keep my ship sailing as smoothly as possible!

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Scribbit said...

Oh this was written for me! With the house a disaster from the remodel it just grates so much that flexibility will be my key to making it through.