Friday, May 9, 2008

Take a Walk In Our Shoes: A Mother's Day Tribute

Take a Walk In Our Shoes

If you peruse our shoes
You’ll find red, white and blues
And every shape, size and color in between

We mothers fill them all
From morning till night fall
And at times without ever being seen

With all of our duties
Darling babies in booties
We are there for our family and friends

With the many shoes we wear
Every style and every pair
Our brand of reality never ends

From soft cozy slippers to sexy stilettos
From the concrete jungle to green grassy meadows
Some live in mansions and some live in ghettos

But for the caring of others we deserve our own treat
We deserve to kick off our shoes
Relax and put up our feet

Never losing our flair or missing a step
Our sanity is sacred so we have it well kept
We are always on call even if we’ve not slept

So sit on back and put on comfy socks
And slide on into some world famous Crocs
‘Cause let’s all face it….. being a Mom really rocks!

So to the precious Mother’s covering our globe
Grab a mug of hot chocolate
And put on your robe

Because we invite you to take a walk in our shoes
You’ll have everything to gain and nothing to lose
It’s a well balanced artistry with bright colored hues

And although the end is never in sight
We never give up, we fight the good fight
So, on this ending note it is time to take flight
Happy Mother’s Day to All and to all a good night!


Scribbit said...

Oh it's wonderful--love the poem format and the metaphor. Well done!

Daisy said...

Love it! I'm reading it well after Mother's Day, and it still fits.