Sunday, May 4, 2008

Seeing Obstacles as Opportunities - A New Perspective for a New Day

The one thing that we can count on in life is change....and sometimes there is nothing scarier than change...instead of embracing change, we sometimes run from it...the thing we most times forget is that when one door closes, another door opens, but there is sometimes a limbo period between the closing of one and the opening of another..This period of limbo is a time when we are able to survey our situation and take inventory (if we use it in this way)..sometimes we are tempted to wallow in despair wondering why did the door close or why did these circumstances befall us?! I believe that the wallowing is a negative temptation to hold us stagnant and trapped in limbo and does not allow us to move forward..we never know what wonderful things lie ahead in our future if we constantly mourn our past...Life is about change! I think about baby birds in a nest, they are so cozy and safe in the nest, the mother bird cares for them, feeds them, protects them, but the day eventually comes when they must leave the nest....the baby bird is resistant to the fact that the mother bird moves them to the cusp of the only world they have known and pushes them over the edge and out of the nest and BEHOLD!!!! FLIGHT!! They did not know they could FLY! How glorious! Through the fearful experience of being pushed out of their nest they have gained a whole new world filled with new perspectives, soaring to new heights and having new experiences..This is synonomous to our lives when change just happens to us! Change will never cease to happen but how we handle it can make the difference as to how we embrace our new future as it continues to unfold..So, I may not understand my present situation, why it is the way that it is, how long I will be here and when it will be different, but I want to trust the process of change, enjoy where I am now and expect that things are going to get better and not worse and that it when I do look back I will see clearly how it all fits create something pulchritudinous!! Keep a positive perspective and remember that something that might appear to be an obstacle can easily be seen as an opportunity with the right perspective!

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