Sunday, January 2, 2011

Failure is Fruitful

Failure: The Foundation for Success
¨ Don’t allow failure and disappointment to hold you back from realizing your dreams in life. Failure does happen but it happens to everyone and sometimes the most important discoveries come to us as a result of failure.
¨ Failure for many, has served as the impetus for reflection and innovation. Failure serves as a springboard to innovation when it is perceived or framed as an opportunity to make change and create progress. Stumbling blocks can serve as stepping stones. Obstacles can be opportunities.
¨ Johnson and Johnson have had many failed ventures that have resulted "placing bets on many potential opportunities -- most opportunities possibly fail, but the ones that do succeed, they succeed big" and these failures "are an essential price to pay for successful innovation and long-term growth”. Mr. Johnson himself is quoted as saying, "failure is our most important product".
                                                          Johnson & Johnson (2006).

Soar to New Heights
¨ Don’t let failure stand in your way. It happens, let your stumbling blocks be stepping stones, change your obstacles into opportunities.
¨ Celebrate your progress in healthy ways and recognize that change is happening in your life. We suggest that you create checkpoints for yourself. Every thirty days write down a list of how you are feeling, your short-term goals to accomplish, what you have accomplished at this point and then compare on a monthly basis what you have completed and brought into reality so that you will be able to highlight your transformation and pat yourself on the back. Do not be discouraged if you have not met all of your short-term goals from last month just move them forward to your new list.

NOW is YOUR Time!

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